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  1. Dr. Hans Funder Pouch June 17, 2009

    Creativity is abound in this fine piece! When I was young, I also drew many scenes of fantastic adventures. Not so much now.

  2. Chris June 17, 2009

    I’m sorry to hear that Dr. Hans. Do you still have any of your fantastic adventures written down? I’d love to read one!

  3. Ben June 17, 2009

    i like it!

  4. Dr. Hans Funder Pouch June 22, 2009

    Indeed I do have one story I shall share with you, Chris!
    It was at once evident that the Monitor was unfit as a sea-going craft. Nothing but the subsidence of the wind prevented her from being shipwrecked before she reached Hampton Roads. The berth-deck hatch leaked in spite of all we could do, and the water came down under the turret like a waterfall. It would strike the pilot-house and go over the turret in beautiful curves, and it came through the narrow eye-holes in the pilot house with such force as to knock the helmsman completely round from the wheel. The waves also broke over the blower-pipes, and the water came down through them in such quantities that the belts of the blower-engines slipped, and the engines consequently stopped for lack of artificial draught, without which, in such a confined place, the fires could not get air for combustion.

  5. Ziggy June 24, 2009

    i want one of them pencils.

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