Pirates (Caption Contest)



  1. Chris April 5, 2009

    Enter your pirate postulations by commenting below!

  2. Anne April 5, 2009

    “Listen, cap’n, I gotta get something off my back.” — deckhand

    “!” –deckhand

    “Please stand over there.” — cap’n pirate man.

  3. Ben April 6, 2009

    “Cap’n! I got you somethin’ special for our 5th anniversary.” – deckhand

    “A new teddy bear!” – deckhand

    “Arr…how many times do I have to be tell you? I’m not gay.” – cap’n

  4. Ziggy April 6, 2009

    deckhand: “hey cap’n! i caught the bear who ate your hand!”

    deckhand: “and i had it stuffed!”

    cap’n: “that’s my kid’s teddy bear. and you stole it. and now i have to kill you.”

  5. Ziggy April 6, 2009


    deckand: “I HAVE A TEDDY BEAR!”

    deckhand: “THIS IS A TEDDY BEAR!”

    cap’n: “your face is a teddy bear.”

  6. Ken April 7, 2009

    Deckhand- Capt, we found a stow-away

    Deckhand- And inst he the cuteist littl’ stow away EVER!!!!

    Capt.- I hate you Sal, I fucking hate you.

  7. Chris April 12, 2009

    Winner and new reigning champion: Ken!

  8. actionsteve April 16, 2009

    More like Your face is the new champion. both of Ziggys were funnier.

  9. Ziggy April 17, 2009

    yeah! ken can suck it!


  10. Chris April 19, 2009

    I imagine by funnier, you meant lamer. If so, then yes. Both of Ziggy’s were lamer than Ken’s.

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