Feng Shui



  1. God January 7, 2009

    Is that thing a statue, or an ugly guy just holding very still? I ponder.

  2. Bloodvork January 7, 2009

    You left out the part where the guy(girl?) on the left then charges the guy on the right $8000 for his “professional services.”

    I want to charge exuberant amounts of money to call myself a professional in a field where there is not one consistent opinion amongst all the other professionals.

  3. God January 7, 2009

    Is that ugly guy dead? If he’s dead I like this. If he’s not I don’t.

  4. Keith January 7, 2009

    What the hell? Hahaha

  5. Chris January 10, 2009

    For the record he only charged $7,000 for his professional services in this instance.

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