Stilts (Caption Contest)

2008-11-30-stilts (caption contest)


  1. Chris November 30, 2008

    So. Who would like to explain what is going on here first? hmmm??

  2. Bloodvork December 1, 2008

    Whatever it is, it better contain “moxie,” “skidoo,” or “egads!”

  3. Ben December 1, 2008

    1st guy, first caption: You fucking asshole!

    1st guy, second caption: You’ll never knock me down!

    2nd guy: I’ve given up on life. Nooooo……

    Head in background: What a couple of queers.

  4. Keith December 1, 2008

    #1:”Check out my new shoes.”



  5. annie December 1, 2008

    #1 a. don’t tell barry i stole his hat.
    b. or his stilts
    #2 those stilts make you look fat.
    man thinking: my head is cold.

  6. michelle December 3, 2008

    #1. ‘Ello Walter! I followed your lead!

    #2. I got the stilts! Now nobody will know our “little” secret.

    #3. Damnit Henry. You have to cover them with giants clothes like me!

    Man In Background: …..Big ol’ Walter is a gnome?!…

  7. tracy December 4, 2008

    lol at Michelle

  8. Karl P December 5, 2008

    Name the strip: “Pranking Atlas”

    Man1: “And THEN… He DROPPED it! HAHAHA”
    Man1: “Uh oh. Gotta go. Byee!”
    ManOnHorizon: “bastard.”
    Man2: “What a load off!”

  9. melissa December 5, 2008


  10. Chris December 7, 2008

    Getting my mangled handwriting to fit all of this text into the speech bubbles has been one of the greatest challenges of my adult life.

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